Welcome, Smart Women!

The Smart Women/Savvy Money Club exists to empower women to take control of their financial future. René Nourse was inspired to create the SWSM Club to provide financial education and virtual networking opportunities for women of all ages and backgrounds. We know women are smart! However, there's a gap between being smart and becoming savvy about your finances. We want all women to have knowledge and confidence to make good choices about their money and their future.

The Vision of the SWSM Club

When women are empowered to invest, they generally make good choices. This is true! In comparisons with men, studies show that women tend to make better investment decisions, do more research, and think about long-term risks and needs. Warren Buffett (one of the savviest investors) acknowledges that his success comes from a long-term habit of investing like a girl. We started the Smart Women/Savvy Money Club so more women can gain the skills, familiarity, and confidence they need to take charge of their financial lives and become savvy investors.

We know Smart Women are busy. You have full lives, lots of responsibilities, and often not much time to devote to planning your financial lives. (We know this because we’re women, too!) The goal of the SWSM Club is to have your back—to equip you for important conversations at the intersection of finance and lifestyle.

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We’ve found that many times an unexpected crisis—often faced by a friend or family member—prompts a woman to start looking for answers to financial questions. For every woman, in every situation, the message of the SWSM Club is this:

     (1) It is NEVER too late.  We encourage women to leave the past behind. Stop reflecting on what you “could” have done with your money.

     (2) You can do this.  You have the ability to move out of neutral and become brave, bold, and strategic about how you use your money to build your future and create your legacy.

Meet the Women Behind Smart Women/Savvy Money

René Nourse, CFP®
René Nourse, CFP®

My experience in financial services has made it clear to me that women are often overlooked and underserved. There are many women out there who are strong, ambitious, and independent, but remain hesitant to take control of their financial future — I started Smart Women/Savvy Money to help women focus their attention on their finances and create the lifestyle they desire and deserve.

Lily C. Huber
Lily C. Huber

In a capitalist world, make sure you pay yourself first. You work hard for your money, make your money work harder for you. The Smart Women Savvy Money Club gives you the foundation to gain more knowledge and prepare for financial success!

April Charles
April Charles

Our goal is to help women become financially independent and help create the lifestyle they deserve. The Smart Women Savvy Money Club provides a safe environment to help bring together the moving parts so you can live fearlessly.

Derenda King, CFP®/CDFA®
Derenda King, CFP®

My interest in the financial services industry began in 2007 when I became responsible for finalizing the financial affairs of my mom and grandmother. I made it a mission to help other single women attain the comfort and peace of mind that comes from knowing that they could take care of themselves whether or not they had help from a spouse/partner, children, and/or their family.

Millú Ramirez, CFP®
Millú Ramirez, CFP®

As a wife and a mother of three, including an autistic boy, I understand what it takes to balance a family with a demanding career. While guiding my mother, a 69-year old widow, through the process of financial planning, I witnessed her “aha” moment when she gained confidence in making the right financial decisions.  My desire to help families plan for their financial future pushed me to become a financial advisor. 

Melanie Perry
Melanie Perry, CFP®

I started helping people create sustainable wealth in 1999, right out of college. Early on, I saw a gap between the financial materials companies provided and the financial knowledge people had. This opened a door for my passion to bloom. I built skills to make complex financial concepts simple and relatable, and I started spreading a message of financial empowerment every way I can—on the radio, in books and summer camps, as well as one-on-one.

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You're smart. Are you ready to build your financial savvy, too? Join the Smart Women/Savvy Money Club today. We can't wait to meet you!